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From idea to app

If you don’t want to read the post and you only want to download the game, please go to the bottom of the post.

The proces of designin a game as most of the things starts with an idea. Once you have the idea of the game, you can start with the basic programming.

Making some alfa versions on your computer. When the basis of the game are done this can be exported to a mobile platform. The development of the game is done with unity as it allow to easily develop in different platforms.

The next step is the character design in this case blender was used. In order to learn some basic tutorials of Sebastian Lague where used. Link to playlist here:

The character design with blender is easy, start with a basic canvas of the design and start copying the basic shape, once you have that start making some ajudtments until the character looks right.

The next step is to create the (color), the proces is easy: create the uv maps of the character, unfold the 3d shape of the character , export them to photoshop and paint it as the character, import the painted version to blender and your character will have the painted character.

Finally the skeleton of the character is created, once this is done the animations can be done. Multiple animations can be done for the same character and exported to another program. If your character is humandoid mixamo can be used to get the animations.

Whan the character is completly done it can be exported to unity and added to the game. Adding the charecter animations to the previous programations. After that only the basic menus and the linking of the scenes are missing.

Once all that is done the game is done and can be exported to your favorite platform.

The game developed can be downloaded in the following links

IOS: In order to be able to play the game first you would have to download testflight.

Android: In order to be able to play the game you would have to had enable the option of trusting unknown developer apps.


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